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1. Are special meals available on a Jet Asia flights ?
Answer: Special Meals are available on all Jet Asia scheduled flights including Vegetarian ,Halal, Diabetic, Seafood ,Infant’s, Children’s and Gluten Free. Jet Asia Airways does not offer Kosher meals.

2. What if Children must travel on his/her own ?
Answer: A Child between 5- 14 years of age travelling without an Adult Guardian is considered an Unaccompanied Minor. Jet Asia Airways offers Unaccompanied Minor service at no extra charges provided the passenger is travelling on a Full Economy Fare. This service must be requested at least 48 hours before departure via the Jet Asia Call Center or your Travel Agent.

3. Are there On-Board facilities for Infants on Jet Asia ?
Answer: Jet Asia does provide special meals for infants inflight. Bassinets are not currently available on Jet Asia flights.

4. How much baggage can be Checked-In on Jet Asia scheduled services ?
Answer: Jet Asia Airways offers free baggage allowances are based on the Fare Categories shown:
  • Jet Asia Full Economy Fare 35 Kilograms
  • Jet Asia Flexi Value Fare 30 Kilograms
  • Jet Asia Value Fare 23 Kilograms
  • Jet Asia Promo Fare 23 Kilograms
Maximum of 2 pieces of Check-In Baggage is allowed per passenger irrespective of weight.

Passengers are allowed a free Sports Equipment Allowance of up to 15 Kilograms for Golf Clubs on scheduled flights.

Passengers traveling to and from Jeddah are entitled to 30 Kilos Baggage Allowance including 7 Kilos Zam Zam Water Allowance.

5. How much Carry-On Baggage is Allowed on Jet Asia ?
Answer: Passengers are allowed 7 Kilos of Cabin Baggage & Laptop Computer in Carry  Case. Cabin Baggage cannot exceed dimensions of 54cm x 38cm x 23cm (Total Linear Dimensions cannot exceed 115cm).

6. Does Jet Asia provide Services for Passengers with Special Needs ?
Answer: The airline offers Meet & Assist services to passengers with special needs at no extra charge provided the passenger is traveling on a Full Economy Fare. Special needs passengers include: the Elderly, passengers with visual or hearing disabilities, and passengers with physical disabilities. Meet & Assist and/or Wheel Chair service must be requested at least 48 hours before departure via the Jet Asia Call Center or your Travel Agent.

7. Does Jet Asia allow Refunds for Tickets ?
Answer:  Fare Refunds and Cancellations are allowed depending on the Booking Class at  No Charge or for a Fee. Refunds on Jet Asia Promo Fares are not allowed.

8. What happens if a Jet Asia Flight is Cancelled ?
Answer: If a Jet Asia scheduled flight is cancelled more than 3 days prior to departure passengers will be notified and offered a full refund. If a Jet Asia flight is cancelled less than 1 day prior to departure and passengers have already arrived at the airport the Jet Asia will arrange alternate travel. The airline will also arrange Food & Beverages for passengers as appropriate to the time of day.

9. What happens if a Jet Asia Flight is Delayed ?
Answer: If a Jet Asia flight is delayed is more than 4 hours and the delay is not due to air traffic control, weather or other circumstances outside of Jet Asia's control, Jet Asia provide food and beverages to passengers as appropriate to the time of day at no charge.

If a flight delayed is more than 6 hours and likely to involve an overnight stay, where practical, the airline will provide a hotel room and meal(s) as appropriate to the time of day and transportation between the airport and the hotel at no charge. 

Jet Asia undertakes to care for disabled person(s) and children less than 12 years of age in accordance with international practice and without any additional charge no matter what the reason for the flight cancellation or however long the delay.

10. What happens if Baggage is damaged on a Jet Asia Flight ?
Answer: If Baggage on a Jet Asia scheduled flight arrives damaged a written report is required within 24 hours. Jet Asia Airways is unable to accept liability for damage to baggage due to: Wear and tear, which includes cuts, scratches, scuffs, dents and marks that, may occur during the course of handling; Unsuitably packed baggage; Over packing; Baggage accepted under the conditions of the "Limited Release" Tag (LRT), including items retrieved or confiscated by the airport authorities or security personnel.

11. What happens if Baggage is delayed on a Jet Asia Flight ?
Answer: Passengers must report lost or delayed baggage upon arrival to the designated Jet Asia representative at the arrival airport. Jet Asia Airways always strives to make every reasonable effort to locate & return any delayed or lost baggage within 24 hours. Passengers will be notified once the baggage is located and it will be delivered it to the address specified by the passenger at no charge, subject to local customs regulations.

12. What happens if Baggage is Lost on a Jet Asia Flight ?
Answer: For Jet Asia scheduled flights Baggage is considered lost after 21 days. The passenger is eligible to receive compensation based on the weight of the checked in baggage.